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The Farm

"Riehemaars" (our farm name) is our family property. It was acquired in 1897 and has been passed on through the female line for the last 3 generations. Originally it was about 125 acres in size but was cut down over generations to the 35 it had when Frank and Kareen took over in 2003. At present we work 100 acres of seeded land. Kareen's father Heinrich turned it to organic farming in 1984 and we have since kept up this tradition. Unlike most other farms we keep out horses out year round and they live quietly in herd situations that are individually adjusted depending on each horse's requirements. They are only kept in boxstalls for strictly limited time if required for any reason. Horses on stall rest will be handwalked daily as soon as their condition allows. 

Training is offered on site as well as from a variety of other professionals. We tend to have long-lasting working relationships. Whether your horse needs to undergo performance testing, grading or if you want to present it for sale all necessary steps will be orchestrated personally.

Your horse may stay here to learn about all aspects of riding and can also participate in shows before you decide to take it home.  

Today our farm employs 5 people and can accomodate up to 60 horses. We also offer limited spots for foreign working students from either veterinary or equestrian background. We are constantly restoring the old buildings attempting to maintain the original character and flair. We feel greatly privileged to have our land around the and clients from all over the world. Life on the 100 acre property revolves entirely around our valuable equines and unlike conventional sale or training barns the program is designed to have a very low turnover rate thus allowing youngstock and pregnant mares to live under pristine conditions without the hazards of horses constantly coming in and out.

In 2005 Kareen began to engage in the Program "Enjoy Hanoverians" for which she now is the spokesperson for the Hanover region.