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This section contains recent events and updates.

Cologne /02.07.2013

A small step for us, a significant difference to a child...


Several years ago we have stopped sending cards out to friends and customers and donated the money saved this way to charity organisations such as "Tierärzte ohne Grenzen" or "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".

As our business is getting more and more structured and growing in volume we found it was time to take our little program to a new level. Therefor we have become supporters of Kidsaid, a non profit charity providing help to children worldwide.

For a mere 25 Euro a month you can help a child to a better perspective in life and make it your godchild. Sit back for a moment and consider what 25 Euro will buy you: A pair of stirrup leathers maybe or a moderate dinner. Now put this in perspective. Please check out KidsAid and consider joining!