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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions




Insurance coverage: Germanhorseconnection provides third party damage coverage for all horses residing on their facility. Owners are liable to compensate for damages to Germanhorseconnection property inflicted by their horses. Owners agree to take out live insurance for their horse at their own expense and to hold Germanhorseconnection harmless from any claims of damage. Clients and working students acknowledge that equestrian activity is potentially hazardous and will hold Germanhorseconnection harmless from any claims of personal or bodily damage encountered whilst trying our or handling horses represented by or owned by germanhorseconnection. Riding is at your own risk. Protective gear and/or a hardhat be worn and germanhorseconnection is not to be held responsible if clients decide not to take these precautions.





Fees: Livery will be charged in advance at the beginning of each month and are due immediately. Livery fees are subject to separate livery agreement. In case of short board any form or written agreement shall be considered to replace the printed documentation until paperwork may be completed. Inquiries whether they are medical or sales related will result in charges due upon completion of the sale or upon invoicing. Brokerage is subject to be charged with a 10% commission unless horses are purchased from germanhorseconnection as the seller. Changes require the written form





Materials: Germanhorseconnection reserves full rights to any photographs, videos and written materials. Outside use and reproduction is not permitted and requires special authorisation. Photographs and materials may be purchased for personal use.





Rights of lien: Germanhorseconnection reserves full rights of lien in case of failure to pay or any other breech of contract. Any and all assets in their care may be auctioned off by means of public auction with 8 weeks of notice if contractual agreement is violated and proceeds applied to any outstanding payment due from this customer.





Standard of care: Standards of care for any horse residing in germanhorseconnection care shall be the same as for germanhorseconnection-owned horses. All owners agree to participate in compulsory vaccination and parasite control programs. Vaccinations required are Influenza, Tetanus and EHV 1 & 4. All owners agree to cover the expenses of regular hoof care as deemed necessary applied by third party providers. Trimming and shoeing intervals may vary depending on horse, climate and use. Owners agree to have their horse shoed if necessary.




Veterinary emergencies: In case of medical emergency clients enable germanhorseconnection to engage clinical veterinary care for their horse including surgical care not to exceed 2,000 Euro if client can not be contacted beforehand. If agreed otherwise the specified written conditions specified in the livery agreement will apply and germanhorseconnection may chose to cover such costs or opt for euthanasia should a third party veterinary advise so. Clients warrant to hold germanhorseconnection harmless from claims resulting from third party veterinary services.




Obligations: Owners enable Germanhorseconnection to pass on all information necessary to meet legal requirements as outlined by EU ViehVerkV to the authority in charge. TSK fees and Agricultural chamber fees are subject to be covered by germanhorseconnection.

Clients warrant to provide correct passports for any and all horses boarded with germanhorseconnection and to provide true information about any signs of disease or special hazard arising from their horse to other horses or personel.





Language: In case of dispute the German version (AGB) of these terms and conditions shall be considered binding.




Place of jurisdiction: Place of jurisdiction is Verden, Germany.