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How do I obtain informations about breeding stallions?

The breeding stallions listed in our database are not owned by us but featured as reference sires. Either because we have used them in our breeding program or to give a better illustration of their progeny we are offering for sale. Stallion owners in Germany are best contacted via telephone as not all stations use email on a daily communication like we do. If you are looking to breed to any of the stallions featured please consider their owner's websites which you may find in our linklist or on the single stallion's personalized page. Also consider our search function.
Please note we do not benefit from any of your semen purchases but merely offer this information as a service to our customers. If you don't find the contact information on line the next source to use would be your breed registry's current registry's stallion distribution plan (stallion directories / Hengstverteilungsplan HanoverianWestfalianOldenburg etc.) which is readily available to the public.
If you fail to find the stallion in the listings it could be because he is either not approved or not currently active within your registry. Activation goes with an annual fee therefor a stallion owner might chose to pull a stallion from the roster. For specific information on such stallions please feel free to use our research service via the contact form anytime. Please note research inquiries are subject to charges according to our current pricelist.

How do I obtain a German show record on my own?

Show records from Germany can be obtained from the German National Equestrian Federation (FN). However as most institutions in Germany they do not accept credit card payment you have to provide a German bank account for payment. If you do have a German bank account and speak sufficient German to handle the online form this will be the easiest and quickest way to obtain show records for any horse registered in Germany as a show horse after 1976. Please note you will need the horse's life-ID / nowadays UELN (which is not the Microchipnumber nor the passportnumber you may have on file if you are outside Germany). If you do not have the life-ID you will need to enter other specifics such as the horse's registered show name (may have been altered), breeder, date of birth, pedigree as otherwise the FN can not handle your request. Address inquiries to:

FN Abteilung Sport
Freiherr-von-Langen-Straße 13
48231 Warendorf
Phone: +49(0)2581/6362-0
Fax: +49 (0)2581/62144

If you have problems to obtain the desired show record for whatever reason please feel free to let us have a shot at it. Fees do apply according to our current price list.

What is a Life-ID / UELN?

The UELN (Universal Equine Life Number) is a 15 digit number that has been in use in Germany beginning the 1st of January 2000. It has replaced the older 9 digit "Lebensnummer" (life-ID) which has been used since 

The UELN digits have the following meaning:

country code of issueing country (e.g. 276 for Germany)

indication of birth before or after year 2000 (3=before, 4=after)

breed code (e.g. 31 for Hanoverian)

registry code

individual code

year of birth (e.g. 05 means born 2005, 97 means born 1997)
Please note the three digit country code is commonly replaced by a two letter ISO code (e.g. DE instead of 276 for Germany) so effectively most life-ID's will read 14 digit not 15.
Horses registered before 2000 may still bear the shorter life-ID and/or missing the country code prefix altogether. Please note the life-ID may differ from the registered studbook or stallion book number. Also a horse that has left its country of origin may have been given a completely different number by the foreign organization distributing the UELN at the time. This means your horse can have multiple registration numbers but only one of them is the relevant UELN. If it does not have a UELN it has possibly not been registered at all or the original papers were lost at some point and noone bothered to have them reissued. If you have either life-ID or UELN for your horse this will enable you to securely identify it and specifically refer to it when communicating with any official institution within the European Union.
The down side of it is if you do not have a life-ID for your horse you have a substantial problem to obtain any valid information and it may be time to get in touch with us. The UELN once is unchangeable and will never be applied to a second horse so if someone tells you so they are either trying to take you for a ride or they don't know what they are talking about.